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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  February 11, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> i was sold on [ inaudible ]. >> josh, final trade for us? >> i-robot. massive breakout happening as we speak. irbt. this is a hot space for the next couple years. this is one of the only pure plays out there. >> that's all for us. let's go back to the white house and the president. >> you both talked about the pursuit of the transatlantic trade agreement. i wonder if you have followed the domestic battle here over fast track authority and if that raises questions in your mind about whether such a deal could be ratified. >> the announcement yesterday was fairly straightforward. the overwhelming majority of firms in this country already provide health insurance to their employees and are doing the right thing. the small percentage that do not, many of them are very small and are already exempted by law. so you have just the small
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category of folks who don't provide health insurance, weren't exempted by law, they are supposed to make sure that they meet their responsibilities so that their employees aren't going to the emergency room jacking up everybody else's costs and the employers end up not having any responsibility for that. what we did yesterday was simply to make an adjustment in terms of their compliance because for many of these companies, just the process of complying, they are midsize between 50 and 100 folks, it may take them some time even if they are operating in good faith and we want to make sure that the purpose of the law is not to punish them. it's simply to make sure that they are either providing health insurance to their employees or that they are helping to bear the costs of their employees getting health insurance. and that's consistent actually
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with what we've done in the individual mandate. the vast majority of americans want health insurance. many of them couldn't afford it. we provide them tax credits. but even with the tax credits, in some cases they still can't afford it and we have hardship exemptions, phase-ins to make sure that nobody is unnecessarily burdened. that's not the goal. the goal is to make sure that folks are healthy and have decent health care. so this was an example of administratively us making sure we are smoothing out this transition, giving people the opportunities to get right with the law, but recognizing that there are going to be circumstances in which people are trying to do the right thing and it may take a little bit of time. our goal here is not to punish folks. our goal is to make sure that we've got people who can count on the financial security that
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health insurance provides and where we've got companies that want to do the right thing and are trying to work with us, we want to make sure that we're working with them as well. that's going to be our attitude about the law generally. how do we make it work for the american people and for their employers in an optimal sort of way. what was the second part of that health care question? >> long term. >> long term, in terms of employer based. well, look, we have a unique system compared to many parts of the world, including france, where partly because of historical accident and some decisions that fdr made during wartime back in world war ii, our health care has been much more tied to employers. that's not the case in most other developed countries. it has worked for a long time, but what is also true is that it
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has meant for a lot of u.s. companies a greater burden, more costs relative to their international competitors. that's a challenge. it's also meant that folks who were self-employed, for example, or independent contractors weren't always getting the same deal as somebody who had a job. it meant that folks who worked for small businesses sometimes had more trouble getting decent premiums and decent rates than folks with large companies. so it just created a great amount of unevenness in the system. i don't think that an employer based system is going to be or should be replaced any time soon, but what the affordable care act does do is it gives people some flexibility. it says if i'm working at a big company like ibm or google and i decide i want to start my own
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company, that i'm not going to be inhibited from starting a new company because i'm worried about keeping health insurance for myself and my family. i can go make that move. if i'm a woman who would really like to work on the farm but we can't afford health insurance on our own so i have been working at the county clerk's office for the last ten years, now maybe i've got the opportunity to no longer work in a different job and instead work on that farm and increase the likelihood of economic success for my family. so it's giving people more flexibility and more opportunity to do what makes sense for them and ultimately i think that's going to be good for our economy. but we understood from the start that there were going to be some challenges in terms of transition. when you've had one system where a whole lot of people did not
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have any health insurance whatsoever for a very long period of time, and we finally passed a law to fix that, we knew there were going to be some bumps and transitions in that process, and that's what we're working with all the stake holders involved to address. >> all right. we have several breaking stories at this hour. you see of course french president francois hollande holding a press conference at the white house. he's on a state visit to washington. president obama is on the other side of that stage there, answering reporter questions. then janet yellen in her first testimony on the hill as the chairwoman. they are just calling a recess right now. they will take a half hour break and then they are going to come back and continue the q & a
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session this afternoon. on that note, let's go to steve liesman with some breaking news on that. steve, come on over and join me right here, if you will, because this is -- i'm going to move your mike up a little bit there, buddy. this is her first testimony on capitol hill and she's had some very interesting questions, but it strikes me that she's quite dovish in her testimony. is that a correct -- >> big debate about that. she just said when asked about the levels of market and credit, she does not see credit and leverage in what she called bubble territory. little bit of reaction in the markets. one of the keys, i don't know if we have the sound lined up. guys, if you have the sound, let me know. she was asked about the december and january payroll reports, said they were weaker, they surprised her, weaker than she expected, and then she was asked by congresswoman maloney what it would take for the fed to pause in her taper. i want to listen to that.
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>> any thoughts about what happens if the world says you're not the world's reserve currency anymore? >> i think what would cause the committee to consider a pause is a notable change in the outlook. the committee, when it decided to begin this process of tapering in measured steps, believed that the outlook was one where we would see continued improvement in the labor market and inflation moving back up to our 2% target. >> the key word there, notable. >> notable, right. the key takeaway here today is how much yellen was like bernanke, and how much she was involved, i think the market saw first-hand for the first time how these were her words and she was part of fashioning them to begin with, a very seamless transition. i think the residual risk goes away. finally she passed the dollar test. >> okay. got it. thank you.
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i know the testimony continues this afternoon and you will continue to monitor that. tyler is out this afternoon. bill griffith is down where i usually am on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hey, buddy. >> back again. we got stocks getting a pickup across the board today. a 1% gain for the dow. the s&p and nasdaq almost 1% gains. the dow industrials at the highs of the session right now with a gain of 177. we are knocking on 16,000's door once again and we are back above 1800 for the s&p. maybe you can thank speaker boehner in the house for some of this rally as well. in addition to janet yellen. the republican leaders are going to allow a vote on the debt limit tonight with no conditions. it's a clean bill. this is something the president and the democrats have been pushing for and now it looks like they are going to get it. the bill would extend the authority of the treasury to borrow for at least another year and assuming it all goes through, it would prevent a lot of washington spending drama
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that we have seen in the last year not to happen this year. of course, an election year. that seems to be helping the market as well. let's get a market flash on today's big movers with dominic chu. >> a different story than yesterday, where it was very wait and see. today, stocks up to session highs on the heels of fed chairman janet yellen's testimony before congress. traders apparently like what they are hearing. the dow is up big like you said, 175 points. trading above its 100 day moving average. that's the more medium term trend line, that's possibly viewed as a more bullish indicator for that index. leading the advance are boeing, chevron, johnson & johnson. the only stock that's marginally down right now is cisco. that's something to keep an eye on. the s&p 500 is up about 17 points. if it closes around here or higher, chart watchers say this could be positive as well. the technicians like this. it's within 2% of its record high. you look at names like regeneron and masco among the biggest gainers. better than expected quarterly
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profits, expecting sales of up to $1.8 billion for its eye drug because of expected approvals for newer users. sue? in case you didn't know it, we are in for another winter storm. they are using words for the south like historic levels. it may be ice, it may be snow, but what we do know it is, it's going to be a mess. phil lebeau is in chicago. what's the weather plan for the airlines for this storm? >> they are already starting to cancel flights. if you take a look at the radar, you can see as this storm moves through the south into the southeast and then is expected to go up the eastern coast, you are hitting all the major hubs starting in dallas, where you have american and southwest going through atlanta with delta, and then go up through d.c. and new york, really all the major airlines are going to be impacted. here are the stat totals in terms of cancellations and delays so far. this comes to us from flight aware. already, 1300 flights canceled today, delays totally more than 4200, and the most impacted airline, no surprise, given the
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impact we are seeing at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport, delta is most impacted. take a look at shares of delta over the last three months. yes, it's lower relatively speaking over the last month or so but it's up 13%, when you look at the last three months. so bottom line is this. the airlines know that it's going to be terrible weather for people even getting to the airport so they are already canceling flights. expect this to continue over the next couple days. >> phil, you know, it hasn't just been in january we have had bad weather. december was a mess as well. right around the holiday period. now the department of transportation is scoring the airlines on their delays, the tarmac time, lost bags. what does it look like? >> not a good december. not a surprise, given the number of storms we saw. remember, december 8th was terrible here in chicago. midway got hit hard in terms of delays and cancellations. overall, the on-time rate, 68% for the month of december. compare that with the full year average in 2013 of 78%, canceled
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flights about 2.8%. 773 flights were chronically delayed. that means they were late more than 50% of the time that they were flown in the month of december. the airlines' on-time rate for all of 2013, 78%. that's about middle of the pack over the last 19 years. in fact, it's the eighth best year when it comes to on-time flights. take a look at the airline index. lot of people are saying with a terrible winter, why is it that the airline index is moving higher? bottom line is that yes, this will cost the airlines, but at the end of the day, investors are saying the airlines still have pricing power and jet fuel is still at a moderate level. that means eventually, when the storms end, they expect the earnings to improve for the airlines. >> just get it all cleaned up by friday. my mom-in-law's flying in from l.a. long as you take care of that, we're good. bill, down to you. breaking news out of the treasury market. the three year note auction results are in. rick santelli's at the cme with the results. how did it look? >> it was a barn burner.
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the grade was a-minus. 30 billion three-year notes hit at 1:00 eastern, the yield happened to have been the high trade of the day in terms of where the w.i. was trading. 3.42 on bid to cover, well through the 3.27 ten auction average, very strong indirects at 42%. that since august of 2011. solid directs at 16 and change percent. we give this auction .715, an a-minus. tomorrow we'll have tens followed by 30s. sue? >> thank you so very much. appreciate it. talk to you again in a little bit. let's go to the hill and john harwood is at the white house. we have been hearing the president in that news conference very far-ranging in terms of topic. >> reporter: yes, the president spent a lot of time talking about syria so there was enormous frustration at the stalemate there, the implosion
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and collapse of syria, but he reiterated that he has to be judicious about the use of military force. didn't hold out much hope on that front. in terms of domestic u.s. politics and the things, the hot buttons we have been watching, no question on the debt limit. remember, it's a short press conference, just two american reporters have been called on and i think we are about to wrap up. on health care, he did get a question about yesterday's delay of the employer mandate for those between 50 and 100 workers. he said this is an accommodation we made. we don't want to punish firms just like we don't want to punish individuals. we have had transitions for individuals as well. he was not asked about the cbo report and its effect on labor supply and jobs which is something that was a huge controversy last week. >> john, thank you very much. john harwood. bill, i think you have a market flash for us? >> we are just watching the
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levitation. the dow up almost 200 points, up that amount just a moment ago as all three major averages continue this rally. this would be the fourth consecutive up day for the dow. first time we have seen that this year. they like what they hear from janet yellen. they certainly like the fact that the house is going to vote on a clean debt limit bill tonight before all that snow hits washington tomorrow. so the rally continues on wall street right now. sue? >> the transports are confirming that as well. looks pretty solid. thank you, bill. we'll be back to you in just a second. the aol makers conference taking place in southern california this afternoon. an invite only gathering to celebrate female executives making a difference in the workplace. re/code's cara swisher is there. they have a partnership with nbc universal. good to see you again. you look a lot warmer than i am. >> well, it is a little foggy but it's beautiful. yesterday was stunning.
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>> it's beautiful. you are seeing a great lineup, including sheryl sandberg, martha stewart, gabby giffords. let's begin with the man of the moment, aol's ceo tim armstrong. he caused an uproar when he cited high costs birth as one reason to slash employee 401(k) benefits so what's the buzz out there? what are you hearing about what he said and have you talked to him yet? >> reporter: he's not here yet. i don't know if he's coming. i think he is actually coming. he was supposed to be onstage. not clear if he's going to be. he doesn't want to be distraction to the focus, which is women in the workplace. you know, i think people weren't very pleased with what he said. i thought it was really kind of such a badly said, and a mess but he did take it back. he did correct the situation which was good, and he did apologize which a lot of people don't do that very quickly. so i think that -- i think he brought into focus what a lot of ceos are probably thinking and probably shouldn't say out loud, about these choices between
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benefits and health care. i think what he did by calling attention to two pregnancies at the company violates their privacy and one of the mothers spoke out so it's kind of a big mess. i think women are shaking their heads a little here. >> yeah. >> reporter: i am, i'm a mother. >> i am, too. believe me, i was shaking my head as well. talk about sheryl sandberg because she's really on the forefront of changing the image of women in the workplace, changing the inequalities for women in the workplace and i'm going to be fascinated by what she says to you when you talk to her. >> reporter: well, actually i'm -- she was just interviewed and i think she's talking about the continued discussion, it has to continue beyond lean in, beyond the attention she gets, and that significant changes still haven't taken place. gwen did a tremendous interview and she was -- they talked about a range of things but again, it's the continuing issues of trying to solve these inequalities, not just here in
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this country with high level women but also across the whole spectrum of gender -- not gender, sorry, the diversity spectrum all across the world. i think that was sort of an interesting part of the discussion, it has to be a worldwide movement, not just here in the united states. >> great. thank you so much. good to see you again. let's go to bill. >> it bears repeating, the rally continues on wall street. the dow up 193 points. if you're just joining us, this would be the fourth consecutive up day for the dow. first time this year, dominic chu. >> within a stone's throw of 200 points so check out sony. the stock is moving higher on a reported japanese nikkei newspaper that the company is in talks to supply a possible camera component to apple's iphone so you can see the stock is on the rise. gradually throughout the course of the day but still a story worth noting if it comes to fruition. back to you. >> thank you. it is lunchtime on wall street.
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sara eisen is talking cheese and buns. >> a lot of companies making changes to their food, kraft, subway, many more. i will have the fulmenu next. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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the market is broadly higher, the dow jones industrial average up better than 190 points. almost 1.25% to the upside. the s&p up almost 19 points. the nasdaq up almost a percent as well.
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that comes as interest rates on the ten year, the yield, has crept up in today's trading session, now at 2.725% on the ten year. a lot of this was spurred by, of course, the comments this morning in her testimony and the q & a session with fed chairwoman janet yellen. that also affected the gold market, we should say. the gold market came off of its best levels when ms. yellen indicated that the fed basically would continue with its taper unless something extraordinary happened in the economy, and then they would be there if that did happen. so you're up to date on the markets. let's take a look at some corporate news. shares of cbs care mart getting a boost today, the company reporting profits of $1.12 per share. the prescription side of that business helped. cvs beat its estimates by a penny and revenue also beat the street. in the last year, cvs is up a full 33%. bill? >> sara eisen is back with you on how big food companies are
1:24 pm
making some big changes in what they put in the food, right? >> yeah, this is a trend when it comes to big food. that is better ingredients. latest announcement, kraft foods saying it will remove artificial preservatives from some of its famous kraft singles cheese slices, specifically it's removing sorbic acid from its american and white american cheeses. this follows on another announcement last week, subway saying it would stop using what's called a bread conditioner. azodiacarbonami azodiacarbonamide. apparently if you put it in bread it whitens the dough and helps the bread bake faster. all these ingredients are safe but customers want more than safe. i have spoken to a number of food safety groups, there is definitely growing awareness and demand toward healthier ingredients and a growing skepticism toward big food, hence the gluten free movement, even awareness of gmos. for consumers, these moves are great. the question is does it move the needle for investors. i talked to a number of analysts about this.
1:25 pm
jonathan feeney told me if you look at some of these companies, annie's which makes organic mac and cheese, they have actually cited what the industry calls clean labels as a positive catalyst for sales. investors certainly need to start seeing that from big food companies. in the last 24 hours alone, you can see this in the stock market action of these companies, annie's lowering its earnings outlook, dean foods reporting a loss citing cuts in food stamp benefits and conagra lowering earnings. now food companies are coming in and shaking things up and trying to appeal to consumers' growing awareness towards healthier food. >> i can understand that completely. when you feed your kids something you want it to be good for them.
1:26 pm
thanks, sara. appreciate it. as we told you, a big day for the markets. seema mody is covering the almost full percent advance at the nasdaq. >> that's right. regeneron up 5% today in a day old school and new school tech also on the rise. my full report in two minutes. from fashion that flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like a pro. [ mala body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. welcome back to "power lunch." check out shares of green mountain coffee roasters. the stock is continuing its strong run following news last week that coca cola had taken a
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10% stake in that company as part of a longer term joint marketing agreement. the stock is currently trading up about 6%. remember, this stock is up some 56% just year-to-date. sue? >> the nasdaq up .7% in today's trading session. it's a strong market day. small caps are spiking, too. the russell up .6 or so. seema mody tracks it for us. >> the market clearly liked what janet yellen had to say. a broad-based rally for the nasdaq as well as the small cap index. the big winners, regeneron. here's what's really getting the street excited. they are expecting sales of up to $1.8 billion for its eye drug this year. speaking of biotech, out of all the companies listed on the nasdaq, 100% have been in health care. nephrogenex developing therapeutics to treat kidney
1:30 pm
disease. technology continues to be a source of strength. old school tech names like microsoft, intel, texas instruments moving to the upside. cisco slightly lower ahead of its earnings report tomorrow. then you look at new age tech, facebooks of the world, akamai, all to the upside. a quick check on tesla, topping $200 a share for the first time ever before pulling back as the street becomes more bullish on the company's fundamentals story. overall, the nasdaq now on pace for its best four-day gain in a year. back to you. >> thank you. the metals market's closing right about now. just like in the olympics, gold comes first. right now, the gold market is up better than 1%. it came off of its best levels of the day earlier this morning after ms. yellen's testimony. then it raced right back up and moved through key resistance. silver is second as you know, and it is also to the down side right now. it had been up a little earlier in the session. copper and platinum and palladium mixed on the day. palladium is pulling out just a
1:31 pm
fractional gain. to the bond market. rick santelli is tracking the action at the cme. >> well, if sherlock holmes was trading, he would say the game's afoot. risk is back in vogue. intraday of the dow and ten-year note yields, and let me give you a stat here. this will be the fourth day of a big rally in stocks which means you have to go back to the 5th of february. that settlement was 15,440 in the dow. we're up 550 points since then. where was the ten year that day? 2.67. up a whopping five basis points. that's the issue. the treasury market is not in sync with this, the correlations are changing and the best gauge for risk, probably the dollar/yen. look at the intraday and open the chart up, it really has made up a lot of ground, reversing in favor of the dollar to the upside. same for the euro yen and the pound yen.
1:32 pm
the risk for the moment, whether due to janet yellen or the establishment voting on the clear c.r. tonight in the house seems like all lights are green for the markets and for risk. back to you. >> you gave me my lead. let's talk about stocks that are on track for a fourth straight day of gains as republicans do allow a vote on a clean debt limit bill. fed chair yellen didn't say anything that shook the market so let's talk about whether risk is back in vogue with jonathan gallom and scott wren, senior equities strategist at wells fargo advisors. jonathan, is the correction over? >> i think it is. ultimately, the earnings story which is really what needs to be driving the market is coming in great this earnings season. eps will be up something like 9.5%. the vix which shot up to 22 is back down below 15. you have to like the whole mix of news flow. >> scott? you agree? >> i don't, bill.
1:33 pm
i hope it's not over and the reason i say that is because retail investors not just our investors here at wells fargo investors but retail investors as a whole are way underinvested in the stock market. we have been trying to encourage clients to buy on any pull-backs. in 2012, we had a couple nice ones. last year, we really didn't. i was hoping this would be, maybe we would see the s&p down near 1700, something like that. i think we will see some more volatility. i don't think the correction's over. but saying that, any pull-back is an opportunity to put money to work. that's what we want our clients doing. >> but you know how it works. the investment psychology, people tend to buy on strength. when the market goes down, they are wringing their hands wondering what's wrong and they don't want to touch the market at that time. >> that's always part of my job is to try to get our clients to step in, at least put a toe in the water, put some of that cash to work when the market's down rather than try to chase the
1:34 pm
market higher. but as you just mentioned, as we both know, lots of people jump in at the highs and they are bailing out at the lows. we are trying to get our clients not to do that. >> just to clarify, you were saying you were hoping it would go to 1700 simply because it would make a better entry point for your clients to get back in. >> exactly. >> jonathan, so what do you do? what would you buy here? you putting money to work? >> you have to. so what do we like. we like consumer discretionary names. we look at the weakness in the consumer, in areas like retail and apparel and restaurants, many people forget about media which has been doing really well. high end consumer is doing really well in many durable purchases. industrial sector, even some of the commodity chemicals that are economically sensitive should also do nicely. >> you want to buy things that have already proven themselves. you won't buy laggards and hope they catch up. >> the important thing is what's the story going forward. the story is we will have growth continue to improve throughout the course of the year and you want to buy stuff that does well
1:35 pm
when that growth picture materializes. the fact that that's been working is great but it really is about a growth story. >> scott, if you could get your clients to buy, what would you tell them to buy? >> well, i agree with jonathan there. we want them to buy industrials, the consumer discretionary sector, technology. we want them to be assertive, those sectors that are sensitive to the economy. we don't want them to hide in health care, utilities, staples. this recovery is going to continue, it's going to get a little better. we want them to be able to participate in that and you got to be in the economically sensitive sectors. >> good to see you both. thank you for joining us. sue? to russia. a lot of action today and a little controversy over the snow that nobody seems to like. michelle caruso-cabrera is in sochi for us. >> reporter: hey, there. let's first talk about curling. team usa, the men lost to norway. don't worry, it's the first match in a round robin so they still have a chance to come back. team norway not only did they
1:36 pm
steal the show when it comes to the score, they also, take a look at the screen, with their colorful pants they have become really well known for. they brought nine different pairs almost as if they want you to tune in just to see what they're wearing. they are so well known for their pants, there is a facebook page dedicated to team norway's curling pants. we'll be right back with more on that.
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as you just saw, nice upday for stock but the debacle of the day so far is infoblox, down nearly 50%. this computer network automation company lowered sales forecast due to weaker demand. the company said weaker sales in january, fewer big ticket deals and softer government business led to the revenue shortfall. that stock again down 47%, 48% so far today. bill? >> the olympic spirit of course is in the air in sochi and around the world. get you caught up on the medals
1:40 pm
count. norway leads with 11. canada in second with nine medals. the netherlands has eight. russia, seven. the u.s., seven as well. curling time on "power lunch." you saw the u.s. team take on norway last night right here on cnbc. norway won but what about those pants? that's a story in itself. michelle caruso-cabrera is live in sochi. i almost wore those pants today. something told me not to. >> reporter: i thought you already had a pair for sure. yeah, team norway brought nine different pairs of pants, they will wear a different one every match. there's a facebook page dedicated only to team norway's pants because they are so well known for their colorful pants. if you would like to buy the pair they had last night, there's a link there. you can buy the skirts and jackets, anything in that pattern. it's been the real talk of the town. speaking of curling, there's a new face in curling.
1:41 pm
trenney kusnierek, the new sideline reporter for curling. yes, there are sideline reporters in curling. we had a chance to speak with her and talk to her about what exactly goes on when you're the sideline for curling -- sideline reporter for curling. we chatted with her during the practice session. >> reporter: this is my first olympics. when i was told i was doing the curling venue i was actually really excited because i'm from wisconsin originally and have actually curled before. i'm not a curling expert. i'm not an olympic curler but i have curled before so i understand the difficulty and the strategy. it's actually a really, really fun sport. the athletes are so approachable and easy and nice to deal with that it's kind of a cool change. >> reporter: you can see more of our interview with trenni coming up on "street signs." of course, more of curling tonight on cnbc. back to you. >> we are here at cnbc the proud home of curling. our coverage does start at 5:00 eastern time so sweep on over to us here at cnbc. michelle, thank you. michelle, can you give us a
1:42 pm
sense on the ground of the condition of the snow? we keep hearing about complaints and a lot of injuries, too, on the downhill, moguls and so forth. what's the story there? >> reporter: there are issues with the snow and the snow quality. first it's been warm for a couple days. they've had to cancel practice runs. it's really been problematic on the halfpipe. there have been complaints about the halfpipe from day one. they didn't like the vertical grade first of all. then they said the bottom, the flat part is supposed to be very smooth and instead it's mushy and almost moguly. they have been trying to flatten that out but the quality of the snow has been hard to control because of the weather. i think it will really raise a lot of issues about whether or not we will have these discussions all over again, do you give the olympics to a town that's actually in a subtropical climate. >> we would happily share what we have here if we could figure out how to get it from point a to point b. >> reporter: it's warmer here than it is there. amazing, isn't it? >> that's nice to hear. thank you, michelle. >> there's something
1:43 pm
fundamentally wrong with that. let's get you up to date on the markets. we're up almost 200 points on the dow jones, the s&p up 19, the nasdaq up 42. it's now up more than a percent. the leader percentage-wise is the dow jones industrial average which is up 1.25%. back in two minutes. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present. welcome back to "power lunch." we've got a new horse leading the race higher for the dow industrials. goldman sachs up more than 2%. it's not had this strong a day since -- well, since last december when it gained about 2.5%. you can see it trading just about that 2% mark. still one of the best performers overall in the dow and certainly
1:46 pm
one to watch. back to you. >> thank you very much. to the headlines now. burlington shares rising, morgan stanley upgrading the retailer to overweight with a $29 price target citing valuation. boardwalk pipeline partners upgraded to buy from neutral at citi. that firm decreasing the price target to $16 from $28.50. shares of the oil and gas pipeline company higher. raymond james downgrading home builders kb home and st. joe and lennar, citing valuations. with the market up 194 points, everybody getting excited except this man here. kenny, every party needs a pooper. >> i'm just saying listen, you don't feel it in your belly. there's not a whole lot of volume commitment with it. long term asset managers are invested. if the market moves up, they're participating. not like they're sitting there doing nothing. >> is this where they should start to commit new capital. we struggled in january, the first few days of february, were pretty tough, the worst day in awhile, the first day of
1:47 pm
february. now it seems like it was too easy. >> that's exactly why you need to be a little cautious. you don't have that sense of real volume commitment. i think this knee-jerk reaction to janet yellen saying exactly really what was the expectation. i also think you have to give her credit for really not freezing up on this initial inaugural testimony in front of the group. >> she carried herself very well. plus the house voting on a clean continuing resolution bill tonight. sounds like we won't get a lot of the gridlock in washington interfering. >> we won't. therefore you get this knee-jerk reaction. i think investors will once again start to focus on the broader macro picture, whether it's asia, europe, and then kind of reassess again. i think this is all well and good but i don't think it carries through. yet. >> we'll see how we do as we head toward the close. we are sitting near the highs of the day. good to see you. speaking of janet yellen, more on her testimony today with steve liesman. >> a couple headlines from the janet yellen testimony today.
1:48 pm
first, i can't remember a time it has a second half, so to speak. she said the december-january jobs numbers were disappointing to her. she said that in order to change the tapering course, have to have notable weakness in the economy and a sense we haven't perhaps reached that at this point. also a look at the emerging market problems and she doesn't see very much in them. finally one overall headline here, clear continuity with the policies of fed chairman ben bernanke. sue? >> thank you so much, steve. well, in case you didn't know it, it's "shark tank" tuesday on cnbc. check out "power lunch" and our producer and her adorable daughter, emily. hi, sweetheart. they're checking out the product that is pitched on tonight's episode, called the ride-on carry-on. the creators will join us in a couple minutes.
1:49 pm
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welcome back. if you're just joining us, a rally day on wall street. janet yellen's testimony didn't hurt anything. the fact the house is going to vote on a clean debt limit bill tonight, no conditions imposed by the republicans this time around, that's helping this rally. the dow up 192 points, the s&p and nasdaq each up about 1% right now. what else is going on? >> we are also checking out what's happened with utility stocks overall, in reaction to janet yellen's testimony on capitol hill in which she said she would continue the policies set forth by her predecessor, chairman ben bernanke. most observers interpreted that to mean interest rates will stay low until at least the end of 2015. that's good for dividend paying stocks like the utilities. you can see there across the board some real strength and going higher throughout the course of the session. sue? >> thank you very much. on "shark tank" tonight at 8:00, this ride on carry on. a child's chair that converts any wheeled carry-on luggage
1:53 pm
into a travel stroller. our airline producer brought in her daughter to test it out for us. she loved it. and we have emily in studio doing the same thing. the developers were offered a deal on "shark tank" but you have to tune in tonight to see what happens. joining us from atlanta are the creators, darryl and randy lens. darryl is a 30 year flight attendant. guys, welcome. congratulations. how did you come up with the product? >> thanks. we appreciate you having us. actually, when my son was 2 years old, he used to ride on top of our luggage which was precarious at best. so i asked my husband when we were traveling why hasn't anyone invented a chair that actually attaches to our wheeled luggage so kids could safely ride on our luggage. at the time, my husband said are you sure that hadn't been done? and i had never seen it. so that's where we started. >> you would have seen it because you were going through the airports all the time, certainly, given your job.
1:54 pm
randy, how did this come about in terms of pricing it, the cost, because that's key for any product to make it. >> well, definitely we actually wanted to make it -- we originally thought we were going to have it built into the luggage and then we said that would be too expensive. so that's when we kind of said okay, how can i retro fit this to anyone's luggage and make it affordable. i went in the garage with a hacksaw and darryl sewed up the seat covers and did a prototype and did a few trade shows and everybody said keep your pricing in the $40, $50 range and you'll be all right. >> we should note the headrest converts to that shelf that they can use as a little tray which is really handy. like a tray table. what was it like in the tank? >> well, that's about the scariest tv you can do. it's a little intimidating. you walk in and you kind of
1:55 pm
stand and look around and hope you can remember what to say. it was a bit frightening, i hate to say. >> we are lucky, jeff foxworthy was on there and he's from atlanta. we got joking around with him and it loosened things up. >> that's good. given the bad weather that's coming your way, a lot of people should have that because if you get stuck at the airport with a little kid which i have done, i have three, that comes in real handy because there's never anyplace to sit when the weather turns bad. >> exactly. >> thanks, guys. stay safe and stay warm. >> we appreciate it very much. thank you. >> don't forget to tune in to "shark tank" at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. bill? >> one of those where you just say why didn't i think of that. >> i know. top stock winners of the day after this. before the break, though, the top five movers inside the dow including boeing, goldman's getting all the attention but boeing's doing better than that. then you got chevron, dupont and at & t. friday night, buddy.
1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
check out shares of cadence pharmaceuticals surging after they agreed to be acquired for about $1.3 billion.
1:59 pm
also check out what's happened with xylinx moving higher, now up to 29 cents per share. >> we're up 181 points on the dow jones industrial average. that's about a 1% gain. the s&p up almost a full percent. almost a full percent gain for the nasdaq. in terms of three winners in the market right now, let's take a look. there are many in today's trading session, certainly. as a matter of fact, if you look at the wall, there is a bunch of green there. trust us, there are at least three winners in today's trading session. there you go. there are nasdaq winners in terms of percentage movers. ocean tech up 76%. >> by the way, in case you're wondering, the nasdaq is now only 1.4% away from its all time highs. the s&p, 1.8% from its all time high. one more rally day, we could be close to all time highs. the dow took a bigger hit during the pull-back recently.
2:00 pm
it's still 3.6% away. still, you wonder, is this -- was that it? was what we saw at the beginning of the year the only correction we will see for the year, or at least the foreseeable future? we'll follow that coming up on "closing bell." >> see you then at 3:00 p.m. that's it for "power lunch." "street signs" begins now. what a difference a month and a fed chair makes. stocks are on fire. janet yellen lets doves fly. the dow up triple digits. we are now up more than 3% in one week. gold is higher and mandy, the nasdaq did something kind of amazing today. >> yeah, kind of amazing. with today's gain the nasdaq is now positive for the year. the s&p for its part is now only about 1.8% below its all time high and back above 1800 as well. we are also eyeballing a four-day winning streak for the dow and the s&p, the first


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